Preserving Childlikeness in Children
  • Jul 03, 2017

Preserving Childlikeness in Children

An amazing Ted Talk by 12-year old Adora Svitak titled What Adults Can Learn from Kids praises the virtues of childlikeness pointing out those behaviours in children that even we adults could learn from. There is profound truth in her words and I want to harp on those words today as I encourage you to help your child to preserve his or her childlikeness.

Childlike behaviours children need to preserve are the ability to dream limitlessly and the courage to believe that truly nothing is impossible as long as you can imagine it then it can be done.

Adulthood often comes with the burden of being realistic in your actions and this sips into our thinking as well where we rationalize everything against the yardstick of past events and present circumstances. We tread dreamland with too much caution and are quick to discard anything that even seemingly appears impossible.

Parents, educators, guardians, caregivers, aunties, uncles, cousins everyone even remotely connected to the growth and development of children let’s all join hands to preserve the childlike wonder that children have to explore the world and their carefree imagination that sees no impossibility and knows  no boundary.

How can we do this? By exposing children to a variety of experiences and allowing them to maximally explore their interests per time. I say per time because children are usually taken with a new experience for some time and then want to move on to something else. Do not get frustrated with their desire to move one thing to another and some of these moves happen quicker than others as they find one activity to be more engaging than another.

The right exposure coupled with freedom to explore will incredibly boost your child’s creativity and embolden them to try new things rather than fight new experiences. My strong belief is that children are born with their own innate talents, inclinations, and passions that if we allow them to be we will be amazed what they will become, and we will learn quite a lot from them in the process.

Let’s stop the boxing in; let’s stop the strict regimentation that educates children out of their creativity both in formal and informal settings.

I dream of a world where children design their own learning with only necessary guidance from learning facilitators. This will be a sure path to grander discoveries, wittier inventions, and superbly creative solutions to humanities cravings, desires, wants, needs, and problems.


Ukot Umezinne is the Chief Executive Officer of the Abuja based Life Skills Experts and moderator of The Education Hub on Facebook

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