Teach Your Child To Think Critically
  • Jul 12, 2017

Teach Your Child To Think Critically

Thinking may seem a common thing to do but it is important to note that thinking critically is a skill that children need to learn to help them navigate life better.

Critical thinking skills help children to be independent, problem solvers, objective, and flexible. Through continuous practice of critical thinking skills, children grow to be confident, open minded as well as creative.

So here are a few things you can do to help your children to be critical thinkers:

<strong>Allow them to think through and solve challenges:</strong> Don’t always be in a hurry to jump in and help your child to resolve her challenges. Allowing your child to assess a challenging situation and come up with her own solution will boost her thinking skills and confidence level.

<strong>Help them to explore several possibilities when tackling problems:</strong> No matter how little or big the problem your child is facing, you can help him to come up with possible solutions by asking leading questions that will aid him to think about what may have gone wrong and what he could do differently to solve the problem.

<strong>Encourage them to research:</strong> Rather than provide all the answers to the questions your child may have regarding a challenge she is facing, guide her to search for the answers from reliable sources such as books, a resource person, etc.

Success in the 21st Century is highly dependent on an individual’s ability to think critically so I encourage you to help your child to cultivate this crucial skill.

Ukot Umezinne

Chief Executive Officer

The Life Skills Experts   

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