Creating Opportunities for Learners to Contribute to Change & Development
  • Oct 11, 2017

Creating Opportunities for Learners to Contribute to Change & Development

Lately, I have been unable to push away the thought that our educational system more often than not prolongs the time that learners can truly start to contribute to societal development by its sheer lack of opportunities for learners to initiate and execute projects that will provide real solutions to present challenges facing our society.

Let me explain with some questions. Why are our senior secondary school and university students not churning out solutions to our poor electricity supply problem? Why are they not generating ways to sustainably and cheaply repair roads using readily available raw materials? Why are they not at the forefront of research to solve key health issues plaguing our populace? Why are they not championing developments in technology that will improve processes and increase efficiency? The list could go on endlessly.

This is not to lay blames rather to get us thinking about ways to make this happen. I think education should be the greatest tool for social development where through their education, people can learn and apply skills to advance society.

I have thought about some things we can start doing now to drive this kind of education that contributes to change and development in our communities, and they are as follows:

    • Governments at various levels, corporate organisations, educational bodies, and individuals can create platforms that challenge students at different stages of education to develop and exhibit projects that solve actual problems in our society in any and every field of endeavor.


    • These projects should receive funding to scale and make their solutions available to the general public.


    • They and their projects should receive necessary support to setup as viable businesses. 


This promotion of entrepreneurship will in turn contribute positive growth to our economy and its effect on creating, scaling, and setting up businesses around excellent projects that deliver workable solutions to actual problems to our challenges as a people will create an ecosystem where learners are inspired to be a part of the change that we seek to have in our society.

The system I have detailed above will deliver to us homegrown solutions that we can access, enjoy, and even take to the rest of Africa and the world. We will have an educational system that truly adds value. We will grow generations of Nigerians who are problem solvers and are passionate about their country enough to want to be a part of the solution to its myriad problems. We will build the future we desperately hunger for, a future where Nigerians love to create and use made-in-Nigeria products/solutions. This is the future that will create a prosperous and resilient nation that can cater for its citizens and have enough in store to export to the world. This is the future I desire for Nigeria? How about you?

This is a challenge to me, to you, to all of us to start now to create platforms of opportunities that will spark change in our educational system where the learner through education can start today to be a part of the solution to our problems as a people. We need this. Let’s do this.

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