Lessons Babies Teach Us
  • Oct 25, 2017

Lessons Babies Teach Us

Have you ever had the privilege of being up close with a baby? I think they are very cute. They make funny faces, interesting sounds, and are most adorable when they giggle. My submission? Babies are the greatest humans on earth.

Over the last year, I have had the honour of being mother to one of the cutest babies on this side of heaven; a gift I am deeply thankful to God for, and this experience has taken my love for babies to an even deeper level. With this piece I want to share four things babies teach us that we need to pay attention to, imbibe, and practice in our lives.

Babies are Authentic: If a baby cries, he really wants to cry at that moment. If a baby laughs, she really wants to laugh at that moment. Whatever a baby does can be certified authentic because they don’t yet understand words like pretense or trickery. Authenticity is a quality that we need in truck loads in a world where it is getting even more difficult to decipher why people do the things they do, and a person’s words and actions in one context can be a great departure from their words and actions in another context. A very recent and tragic example is that of the shooter at the country music festival in Las Vegas who killed and injured hundreds of people but before then seemed to be leading a normal life pursuing the American dream. My heart goes out to all affected in the tragedy.

Babies are Persistent: Babies don’t give up easily. If they want something they will keep going back for it. They are not easily deterred. If they can’t get it now, they will get it later. If they can’t get it today, they’ll get it tomorrow or the day after that. They will only stop if that thing is no longer in sight. How quickly do you give up on your pursuits? It is time to reignite your drive and persistence to follow through with your goals.

Babies are Creative: We are all born creative but some of us lose that creativity in the course of life. Have you ever observed a baby trying to figure out how to go from point A to B or pick up an object or communicate their need to you? Somehow, they figure it out and they implement their plan of action, and often times achieve the desired result.  That right there is creativity. The ability to develop an idea, implement it, and achieve desired results that create value.

What is that idea you have been pushing aside? Get creative and develop it into a solution you can implement to create value.

Babies Embrace Diversity: Babies don’t separate people along racial, sexual, physical capability, intellectual, social, or religious lines. Actually, the lines of separation are much broader these days, but I would like to focus on the racial lines we have created. Babies understand, as we should, that after all said and done, we are all just humans with blood flowing through our veins, with the same need to love and be loved, to be seen, heard, and to belong. No one chose their race, we were all just born and grew up to learn about our respective races. For this one reason, I see no basis for racism. It is an untoward overindulgence of a gift we had no choice in selecting for ourselves. Rather, we should celebrate our diversity and seek to learn what makes us different, so we can be more accommodating of each other while embracing the things that make us all the same.

What lesson are you learning from babies? Please share and let’s see what we can all learn from the greatest humans on earth; the only humans who are yet to be influenced by the things most people have come to accept as normal even though they are detrimental to the progress and development of the human race.


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