Actions for Change
  • Nov 29, 2017

Actions for Change

Ba was unhappy with the way his community was often ravaged by so many illnesses that even cost lives. He started asking questions and drilling down to the root cause of the illnesses. His finding led him to discover that the illnesses were largely due to the one dirty water source the community used for all its water needs. Ba immediately started thinking of ways to make things better.

He started by clarifying why their one source of water was dirty and this led him to discover that the community’s culture passed down from generations of open defecation was a major factor.

Ba got together with some friends and started generating ideas to stop the community from defecating in the open.

After trying out many prototypes and failing, Ba and crew developed a system that not only made defecation safer for the community but, the waste also became a source of energy generation to power the community that had never enjoyed the benefits of electricity.

Ba and friends thought for a change and moved from thought to reality by taking decisive actions. Our country needs more people like Ba. Are you one of them?

To become a thinker for change, there are things you can start doing today:

Be More Observant: Change starts with an observation of the need for a change. Develop your traveler’s eye; your ability to observe fine details even in a place that has become familiar. Keep your eyes and mind open to see and observe the things that could be better around you.

Question Status Quo: Status quo soon becomes the ticket for stagnation and eventual extinction, so status quo must be subjected to examination to verify whether it is okay to continue in it or it is time for change.

Hone Your Thinking Skills: There are tools and methods that enhance creative and critical thinking. Equipped with the right knowledge, you can engage better thinking and with better thinking comes better results.

Go Beyond Thinking: Change won’t happen just by thinking about it. A well-thought plan is only as effective as its disciplined implementation. So, execution must follow thinking if we must see, feel, and fully experience the change that we seek.

Let’s do this!


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