• Jan 24, 2018


So, you have written down your goals and are probably working at them excitedly as the year hastens through its fourth week already.

To stay the journey and not lose steam before 2018 calls it a year, you will require discipline that keeps you going when passion, excitement, and all the other nice things start to feel distant in comparison to the seemingly insurmountable tasks you will have to accomplish to achieve your dreams.

Dreams don’t fulfill themselves. It takes discipline to take the steps from where you are to where you want to be. Here are tips and tools you can use to go from dream to reality.

BE CLEAR ABOUT YOUR GOALS: Use the SMART acronym to set goals that are Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timebound.

BREAK LARGE TASKS INTO SMALLER ACTIVITIES. Use a goal planner and tracker to outline the activities you need to get done. Set a start and end date for each activity. Track your progress to ensure you complete each activity before the deadline you set.

HAVE A DAILY SCHEDULE: Use a to-do list daily. In your list, write down the things you have to do each day, and ensure that your daily schedule includes activities that are steps towards achieving your goals.

CELEBRATE SUCCESS: As you make progress towards seeing your dreams fulfilled take time to rest and celebrate the efforts you are making

If you have been on earth for some time now, you will agree that for most of us, the tips and tools above are easier said than done but one thing that keeps me motivated even when all I really want to do is give up is visualizing what it would feel like to achieve my dreams. I picture myself having achieved my goals and I imagine how fulfilling it would be to live my dreams. This picture gets me up, and keeps me going until every task is done.

While I have not perfected this in every area of my life, I am working at it, and I thought to share and encourage someone else on their journey.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 where all your dreams come true.


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