The Rut or The Mountaintop
  • Feb 07, 2018

The Rut or The Mountaintop

I had a disturbing thought the other day. We’ll never move forward as a country as long as the cycle of people taking up jobs ‘just because’ continues. We will not move forward if we keep having people take up important roles in our public and private institutions for the mere reason of making ends meet. It is great to want to make ends meet but I don’t believe this should be at the expense of excellence, passion, drive, and results. What we have now is that people who have no interest in what they are doing are taking on critical jobs like educating our children; ensuring the safety of lives and property, etc. The reality is that we cannot expect an uninspired person to deliver outstanding results on their job. We just cannot.

This thought led me to another realization. It’s the mismatch of square pegs in round holes that feeds the dismal customer service we all abhor in our public and private institutions. How can a person offer great service when they are only showing up at work because of the pay cheque they will receive at the end of the month? No motivation; no passion; no drive; no initiative; no results. Oh, by the way, it’s very easy to differentiate your organisation in Nigeria (public or private); just offer great service to every customer every time.

I can trace these problems (of people taking up jobs as a last resort to escape unemployment and less than remarkable customer service) to our educational system where people are not educated for self-discovery and self-expression. This is just a way of putting it short and straight to the point. If my education leaves me uninspired and unable to discover and express my innate abilities, I am left with no choice than to go through life grabbing at all that I can find to do just to keep body and soul together.

We have to start now to put a cog in the wheel upon which this destructive cycle runs. We must groom children in a manner that allows them to discover and pursue purpose. This is the only way we will raise a generation of people who love what they do and can contribute immensely to their society. We want to raise children who have dreams of being a police officer, a teacher, an engineer, a dancer, a doctor, an artist, the list goes on.

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