• Feb 28, 2018



It’s the last day in February and most people with staying power are doing a great job of pursuing and ticking off their goals for the year.

For many others, they may be struggling to keep up with their goals, while some may have decided some goals were never meant to be, and still some others have forgotten they even set goals altogether.

One thing that makes set goals eventually become reality is the level and quality of focus an individual has. Focus will help you to set the right goals that align with your purpose and values such that you will not find goals in your goals list that are very unlikely to inspire the passion and drive you need to achieve them.

A focused person lives a highly productively life because they minimize distractions, prioritise the things that matter most to them, and streamline their activities to enable them stay on course with the things that lead to the achievement of the goals.

The point here is, February is ended. Two months down, ten to go in 2018. At the end of March where will you as far as achieving your goals is concerned. At the end of April, May, June and all the other months of the year, will you be ticking off accomplished goals or will you still be procrastinating.


Determine the things that resonate most with your purpose (what you are here to do), life vision (the kind of lifestyle you wish to attain), and values (the things that define you and guide your choices).


Streamline your daily activities to help you achieve these goals.

Have a productive 2018

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