Everything Rises and Falls On...
  • May 23, 2018

Everything Rises and Falls On...


I and a certain person may have something in common because we both agree that all Nigeria's problems rise and fall on something. Where we differ is what the thing is because where he thinks it's corruption, I think the it's a lack of life skills; skills like Leadership, Creativity, Communication, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship among others.


If people had leadership skills, values-based leadership skills they wouldn’t embezzle funds meant for national development; if our youth had creativity skills they wouldn’t leave their lives at the mercy of private and public institutions who mostly conduct interviews only to fulfill all righteousness when they already know the persons who will fill the vacant positions for which they are conducting interviews. If our people were financially literate, they wouldn’t fall for get rich quick schemes that only end in pain and misery. Think about a problem in our society, and I can assure you that at the root of the problem is the lack of one life skill or another.


Well, at Life Skills Experts we are doing something about this with learning resources that teach children all the skills mentioned above so in applying the skills taught they won't grow to practice all the vices that add to our problems as a nation.


We created these resources to teach children the skills that will help them to be disciplined enough to say no to drugs; to focus on the things that matter; to be problem solvers; to communicate their thoughts and ideas articulately; to be empathic humans who treat others even better than they wish to be treated; to pursue excellence and know how to fail forward when things don’t go quite as planned; and the list goes on.


This children's day invest in the life of a child and enjoy a 10% discount on any of the resources on this brochure when you order here.

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