Teaching Your Child to Love Learning
  • Jun 27, 2018

Teaching Your Child to Love Learning

Continuing with the third installment in the 5-part series on Teaching Your Child to Be a Leader, today I will focus on commitment to lifelong learning as a vital quality of a leader.


Why is it important for a leader to love to learn? Learning continuously keeps the leader updated on current trends so as to make informed decisions per time, and address issues with precision and clarity. Beyond this, there is a joy in knowing what you once didn't know and a true leader shares knowledge with others.


In our world today, many people want to lead without taking the time to learn, know, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate, and create something new from what they learned and so often mislead others. Over time, such people lose credibility and influence.


To be a leader, your child will need to appreciate the power in committing to continuous lifelong learning. You can help your child to do this by:


  1. engaging them in discussions where you allow them to share their opinions with you on a variety of issues while you acknowledge their contribution, point out what you have learnt from them, and share your thoughts with them as well.
  2. allowing them to ask questions and encouraging their curiosity about things around them yet being cautious about things that may prove harmful.
  3. not hurrying to help them find solutions to problems but allowing them to figure out how to overcome challenges by themselves. 
  4. directing them to learning resources to find answers to their questions instead of providing them with quick answers.
  5. being genuinely interested in knowing what they learned at school and asking them questions that will task them to relate their learning to real life.


This list is not exhaustive. If there are other ways that you encourage your child to be a continuous learner, please share in the comments section below.


Thank you.

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