Creativity is originality that adds value


Our world needs creative problem solvers to tackle the big hairy problems we have


We teach children what it takes to be creative and how to consistently creative in their pursuits

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Stories to Sparks Creativity in Children - 1,000

Children from 8-11 years will get an awesome experience set in our rich African context of what it takes to be creative. The story concepts were written by a 9 year old who is aspiring to be a creative writer someday, so children will really love it, and begin to apply the lessons to their school now and their lives in future.


Sparks Board Game - 3,000

Creativity and Innovation aren’t about arts and crafts alone, they are about the skills for critical thinking, collaboration, ideating and implementing that everyone needs to become a success. With the Sparks Board Game, children and even adults – young and old will put the spark of creativity into everything they do.