Communication is the ability to effectively share your thoughts and ideas with others


The world is directed by those who are able to communicate with clarity and passion


We teach children to communicate in a well-structured manner and to speak confidently and convincingly

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110 Presentation Tips for Presenting like a Star - 1,000

Looking for the eloquence and elocution of Balewa, Obama or Martin Luther King Jr, then look know further than this critically acclaimed book with 110 powerful and easy to apply tips to help you present like a STAR. It is suitable for all ages and will help you become the presentation guru that you will like to be!


Word Whiz Board Game - 3,000

Communication Skills are critical to leadership success, and they go beyond just able to speak confidently or write professionally The Word Whiz Board Game takes a holistic view of communication teaching important skills like listening, collaborating, and feedback in a fun and interact way. The book is great for school clubs and can be used at home also.