Financial Literacy is the ability to make and properly manage financial resources


Money is a pervasive entity affecting every area of our lives and so it is pertinent to understand how it works


We teach children to earn, save, spend wisely, invest, and give to charitable causes.

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Fun Finance Story Book - 1,000

If you want your children from 8-11 years old to get a firm foundation in Financial Literacy, then this illustrated story book with 10 powerful stories set in our rich African context that cut across most areas of financial planning is just what you need. It’s very good for schools and after school activities and for individual learning at home.


Fun Finance Board Game - 3,000

This is a very interesting board game that is great for children of all agers and adults. You will learn about various aspects of financial planning, while having fun with other players. Great for school clubs and even for homes!


110 Entrepreneurship Facts - 1,000

In this illustrated fact book, youth in senior secondary tertiary institutions as well as adults – young and old will learn 110 simple yet powerful things about how to practically set-up a business and run it successfully.


110 Money Facts - N 1,000

This is an illustrated fact book that provides 110 facts and tips about financial planning covering saving, investing, budgeting, insurance, pensions, working, mortgages etc. It is easy to read and suitable for children of all ages even up to tertiary level.